Bageshwar Dham Dhirendra Shastri Maharaj bring a Hindu nation ?

In New Controversy regarding the Hindu, Bageshwar dham Baba Dhirendra Shastri said that only its announcement is left. mean while, RJD termed Dhirendra Shastri’s statement as unconstitutional and said that religious people Should not talk politics from their Platform.

It is to be noted that today (may 15) is the second day of Dhirendra Shastri’s Hanumant Katha in Patna. Severl BJP leaders were also present to listen to him speak on the First say. Mean while, Patna Police has Made strict security arrangements following an alert of a terrorist attack during the program .

  • Baba Dhirendra Shastri Gujarat in 26 may Come ?
According to our calculations, Baba bageshwar dham Dhirendra Shastri is about to come to Gujarat, but who knows what all of them think or whether Baba Dhirendra Shastri should come to Gujarat. He is doing a great job for our Hindus. We all should respect him. As of now, according to the information, BJP is also with him and when Modiji is with him then no one will be able to do anything to him.Now it is confirmed that Baba Dhirendra Shastri is going to come to Surat, Baba Bageshwar Dhirendra Shastri will do a great program in Surat on 25th May.
  • Cheers Raised for those who oppos the sermon

when Baba Bageshwar Dhirendra Shastri reached Patna hs followers tried to get a glimpse of him. A crowd of people gathered from the airport till they reached their destination. During this before starting the sermon, Dhirendra Shastri Got the people to cheer, including those who opposed the sermon were also cheered. Shastri also took a jibe in Bhojapuri and chanted, ” Victory to the madmen of Bihar…………. victory to those who come to the story Victory to those who support the sermon Victory to htose who oppose the sermon…”

  • RJD objected to this statement of veteran BJP leader

An RJD spokesperson, who was present during the sermon, and termed it unconstitutional. RJD spokesperson said that shastri ji should not talk about politics in religious programs. all the stalwarts of Bihar BJP were present of Dhirendra shastri.

From union Ministers Giriraj singh and Ashwini Choubey to former Union Minister Ravi Shanker Prasad, Leader of Opposition in Bihar

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