Youtube to become Google’s shopping hub

Youtube to become Google's shopping hub,

Youtube to become Google’s shopping hub :

Google is planning to make its video platform Youtube a shopping destination like Flipkart and Amazon. Under this, apart from gadgets, users will be able to buy other goods online here. Creators have been asked by YouTube to tag and track the product feature in their clips using Youtube software. After this, shopping will be made easier by linking the data to Google’s parent company with analytics and shopping tools.

This is how you can shop

Products will be categorized by Youtube. Products will be listed for sale in the video category. Where customers will be able to buy the product directly by clicking on the link of the QR product category. Also, the company is testing a separate Shopify Inc. A spokesman for Youtube confirmed that the company is testing the shopping feature. According to him, the products that will be made available for sale will be controlled by the manufacturer. At present, the company is looking at this as an experiment.

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Andy Ellwood, president of the e-commerce startup basket, says YouTube is the least-used asset. On the other hand, if you invest in Youtube, then it will prove to be a very profitable deal. It is not yet clear how Youtube will generate revenue from it. However, the service has started offering subscription to creators and can cut the payment by 30 percent.

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