Will PUBG return to India ?

Will PUBG return to India.

Will PUBG return to India ? Now this information was revealed

The hopes of millions of PUBG enthusiasts in India have been shocked. The return of Pabji in India seems a bit difficult. Recently, the government had banned this popular game in the country. At the same time, there were speculations that after the end of the partnership with the Chinese company Tencent, the game might return but now it does not seem to be happening.

It is not enough to end the partnership with Tencent

Actually, the Ministry of Electronics of India is not in the mood to remove the ban on popular games. According to a report, ending partnership with Tencent is not enough to remove the ban on games in India. This means that only if the government wants, then the ban can be removed from PUBG. But at the moment its possibilities are less. If sources are to be believed, there is no such conversation between the Ministry Officers on the return of any banned app.

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May there be a partnership with Jio?

At the same time, before PUBG was expected to return to India with Reliance Jio. There were reports that PUBG partnership with Jio could return this popular game to India. It was being told that the game developers are engaged in a long term partnership with Jio.

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